Love it or hate it, music from the ’80s serves as an ever fogging window into a very different world. The music that lives on transcends the Cold War and paints a picture of humanity coming to artistic grips with itself in the midst of technological advancement and cultural upheaval. In 1989, Chris Isaak¬†released the still haunting ballad, Wicked Games. In 2014 Chris Lake and Chris Lorenzo made it even better. After acquiring the acapella, they hit the studio and made pure magic.

Airy chords, delayed paids, and a healthy handful of house beats brings the melancholy track to an irresistible zone of immersion. Leave the simply euphoria of big room EDM at home. This track brings the melancholy vibes and intelligence worthy of every mention. I’ve still got chills down my spine from this one – be sure to check it out and grab a free download.


Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo – Wicked Games Edit [FREE DOWNLOAD]