With so many EDM fans now flocking to Las Vegas casinos for the yearly Electric Daisy Carnival or to watch their favorite DJs play their sets, it’s a wonder why we’ve yet to see some EDM-themed slot machines hit the floors of some of our favorite Las Vegas nightlife staples.

These past few years have shown us a great evolution in the way people play slot machines. Where we had once simply pulled levers and waited for the spinning reels to stop, praying to god that we get three identical what-cha-ma-call-its, now we have machines like All That Jazz (from Bally Technologies), which lets users play songs on a virtual piano to be able to score bonus multipliers.

Online slot operators have also transformed slot gaming, with sites like Spin Genie seeking to add more purpose to their games, integrating RPG and Adventure elements into the factor. IGT, a leading manufacturer of the worlds slot machines, has also introduced some new machines that have bonus rounds where you can actually play old school arcade games, including the classic Centipede game from Atari.

But with slot machines now transitioning into a period where they’re almost akin to arcade games, one has to wonder: where are our EDM-themed slot machines?

After all, it’s hardly as though there aren’t any EDM-themed arcade games. In arcades across the globe, we have games like DJ Max Technica and Beatmania pleasing crowds in Japan. These rhythm-based games have become a staple of arcades overseas, and it shows how possible it is to add a gaming element to spinning and mixing songs.

Casinos are constantly hiring top DJ Mag DJs and EDM personalities, signing them for residency in their overly extravagant venues. This year, Zedd signed with Wynn Las Vegas for exclusive residency, and just two months ago, his performance at Wynn’s XS Nightclub broke records, drawing in 11,000 partygoers!

In this day and age, it’s not the old, suited up blackjack player that casinos should be paying attention to. Rather, it’s the youthful EDM crowd. It’s time we see Beatmania and DJ Max Technica turned into slot machines in hopes one day we’ll all have a better chance at cashing in on that jackpot to repay all of what we spent during EDC Week.


Image: Encore Beach Club