I still listen to Porter Robinson’s Worlds more than a couple times a week. It’s sort of like a gelato after a large meal, it cleanses the palate while leaving a very pleasant taste behind. While many people scorned the album for its abrupt separation from Porter’s previous style, the album can absolutely stand on its own in terms of musical excellence. Many remixes were made of many of the tracks, most notably probably “Lionhearted” and “Sad Machine.” That didn’t stop people from experimenting with the other tracks, though.

Volknor, for instance, chose to use “Fresh Static Snow” and turn it into something close to a ballad. The original is a glitchy, guitar-driven tune that has some feels in it, but Volknor slows it down considerably. Every kick hits like a punch in the heart, and the extended guitar riffs have a significant emotion behind them; the piano notes are more pronounced and prevalent throughout the track; and the vocals make a significant dent in the overall execution of the track. I probably could not have asked for a better re-work of this track.