Most definitely my two favorite artists because of their rich sound design, nostalgia triggering melodies and powerful bass lines; Seven Lions and Xilent have continuously blown me away throughout the years with their emotionally rich productions. Whether it’s in your face or telling a story – both of these fellows know exactly how to evoke the same emotions they were feeling when they produced the song they release.

Now today marks an incredible day as the two have joined forces to create, “The Fall”. I caught wind of this collaboration sometime ago but with nothing on the internet except live set, potato camera recordings; I didn’t want to hear it that way and devalue the work – and boy am I glad. Because as of some hours ago the collaboration between these two guys has hit iTunes & Beatport for official download; and it’s incredible!

I could sit here for a while and talk but I’ll let you hear what “Xilent & Seven Lions’ brain sound like when they work together” like Xilent says. “Just know it’s been a long journey” and both these guys have revisited the project numerous times to fine tune and tweak it to deliver the best possible single they can. Shout out to OWSLA for releasing “The Fall“!

Pick it up on Beatport or iTunes.