Originally known as BRM off of Mondo Records and In Trance We Trust, the new revitalization of Breame has caught many people off guard with his his stellar combination of wondrous Trance and anthem fueled Progressive House. While the name might be new, his abilities as a producer certainly isn’t as he has released countless singles and remixes, and already has already crafted an album underneath his illuminative A/B Project guise. Armed with a new alias and new found confidence, he has already been rubbing shoulders with some of the hottest names in Trance including Genix, Sunny Lax and more. His first debut underneath his Breame moniker was a release on Always Alive Recordings entitled Reject, and the Soundprank remix received a nice perk of being featured on Above & Beyond‘s Group Therapy radio show. Next, he teamed up with fellow upcoming artist Jack Vath to release Arancini off of Monster Pure, which did fairly well within the charts and support roster. It seems that the power duo of Breame & Jack Vath are here to stay, as they make their return to Always Alive Recordings with a brand new single entitled Sweet Ordeal. While the original mix is great on its own accord, it is actually the welcome return of Mike Sonar that leans this piece towards a Trancier version of the track, and is definitely our favorite out of the entire package. Mike has been long been overdue to lock back into the scene every since he released the electrifying iLove on Enhanced Progressive way back in April, and his remix of Sweet Ordeal has done away with any Prog House influences and goes back to doing what he does best, which is crafting high quality Trance with an air of technical prowess and emotional fortitude.

Foyle kicks off his mix with a powerful opening statement that stretches the limit of Prog Trance energy as savage basslines meet head on with powerful Electro quips, poignant synth accompaniments, and techy, yet relentless percussion sections. While his last productions were tinged with Prog House influences, we are very grateful that his passionate drive and harder edged productionary traits have transitioned well into his Trance productions. We really love the great contrast between the basslines and the accompanying instruments, as the change in not only timbre, but in structural design offers many surprises within the ear upon listening. The accompaniment in the breakdown features a warm piano line doling out vintage sounding chords as a lone, innocent Prog synth plucks away at a cute countermelody. Next, the main synths arrive and quickly begin to evolve into their true selves before shirking back into the shadows, which is a clear example of the push and pull teasing that Sonar is very proficient in, and it definitely helps out in creating tension and potential energy for the upcoming phrase. Finally, the flowing rush of euphoria crashes through with stellar melodic power as the remaining Prog details continue to strum in the background to offer both contrast and a great, Trance induced glow towards the mix. With overwhelming melodic drive and an atmosphere that promotes elation and joy, Sweet Ordeal is certainly a spectacular piece that will open hearts up to the wondrous possibilities of Progressive Trance.

Mike Foyle‘s remix to Breame & Jack Vath‘s Sweet Ordeal is out now on Always Alive Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent! Also make sure to check out the fantastic original, as well as a brilliant remix by none other than High 5!


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Picture Credit: https://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/details/1725/the_lookout.html