Back when I was writing for a predominantly moombahton blog, I started to push this crazy cat called Happy Colors. We connected up for a compilation, and since then he has paved his own way as one of the leading tropical/bass producers in the game, without giving a single fuck about what everyone else was doing. His ignorant style is too raw not to be attracted to, and with the wide variety of tunes he puts out, you can’t help but to be a fan of at least some of his work.

His newest production, a remix of “High On Cuica,” is a pure ball of high octane latin energy. If you don’t like to go bananas, then this may not be your thing, but you’re totally missing out. This song alone can spice up your collection, so make sure to get it before you dip out. Happy Colors continues to rock the world with his vivacious works. 2015 may be the year of a full on takeover by this dude. Be prepared.

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