One of the most anticipated albums for next year will be coming from the talent of one of the greatest influences of electronic music to date. From their debut album in 1992 Experience to their last big album Invaders Must Die in 2009, The Prodigy will make their glorious return in 2015 with their sixth studio album. To add to the already accumulating hype of the upcoming music, band frontman Liam Howlett is talking “big talk” when it comes to his latest project.

We’ve always been like a big broom that’s just cleaning up – wiping the floor. They don’t bother us. It’s mainly DJs. If the dance scene is made up of DJs, that don’t bother us. We’re in different zones to them. We don’t make music like those kind of acts. We view ourselves as in our own kind of area. We’re fans of some people out there, but when you’ve got a scene built on DJs, that’s not healthy. We need more bands that make this kind of music.

Mighty big claim from a forty-three year-old in a three-man band that hasn’t been around for five years, but I like the confidence. Liam also added his humble approach on the new album and the dance music scene.

I always want more. But I like having respect on the street level. That’s good. I’m not after awards, I’m not after pats on backs. I just want people to get the music and understand where we’re coming from.

Keep in mind that The Prodigy will be headlining the Isle Of Wight Music Festival taking place June 11th – June 14th next year. In terms of the festival, Liam mentioned his fans who have awaited for new material from the band and will hear it then.

It’s a great festival and will come off the back of our new album. We’ve got good fans, they’re very patient. We’re all going to be buzzing off this record, I think it’s our best ever. It’s really strong. It’s violent-sounding — on the edge. It’s us doing what we do best.

Tickets for the festival go up tomorrow and can be bought of their site here. As for Howlett’s words, I think we shouldn’t look at this as an attack on our favorite DJs and producers and look at it as a challenge from a band that may be old and can still impress us in the future.

Photo credit: Dugdale
Source: London Evening Standard