Infamous poker player, actor, gambler and “king of instagram” Dan Bilzerian was reportedly kicked out of LIV Nightclub in Miami following a violent outburst towards a possible fan. According to the Daily Mail, Dan was accosted by a swarm of fans while he was dancing on stage, and for a yet undisclosed reason, Dan decided to kick one of the women in the face with his military boot. The yet to be named victim claimed that she “did nothing to deserve” Dan Bilzerian’s attack.

Having inherited a massive fortune, Dan has acquired star-level like celebrity status in part due to his infamous Instagram account where he shares with the world some of his gun/women/etc… related antics.

Dan is apparently banned from LIV for life. You can watch the video below:

Here is the comment left by the owner of the video:

This will probably make @danbilzerian more famous but I really don’t care. He got kicked out of a famous Miami nightclub last night for assaulting a woman. This idiot kicked a woman in the face like it was no big deal. It’s sad when you think you’re invincible to society. To all you #danbilzerian worshipers thanks for the support. It’s obvious Fake Equis is a Ravens fan. #RayRice — I heard the girl called the police and this American hero ran before the cops showed up. Classy right @steveaoki


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Via: Daily Mail