Almost everyone from writers to fans in the electronic dance music community are aware of this video and the rumors that have circulated as a result. If you are late to the news, below is an alleged video of ZHU’s set at Stereosonic in Brisbane that claims to reveal the artist’s secret identity. “Faded” goes into a very well-known vocal track proclaiming, “My name is Skrillex,” after which Sonny Moore aka Skrillex actually speaks to the audience. It is obviously Skrillex’s voice, and many fans around the globe have been waiting to find out who is behind ZHU’s mysterious logo and the lone voice on an interview on Triple J.

ZHU is NOT Skrillex. I don’t have to repeat that, just reread it if you didn’t understand the first time.

Sonny Moore is Skrillex, and that is about as secretive as the LA-born star gets. A little research might have yielded the correct answer. In this interview, one member (perhaps there are more) of ZHU talks about how the integrity of music is a real art form, and his anonymity just kind of fell in line with those efforts. In its entirety, this audio clip is interesting, but if you skip to about three minutes in, you can catch the piece of the conversation that settles this ZHU and Skrillex debate, and shows that the YouTube video was just some elaborate troll.
No denying these facts.

One big truth that has come from this whole debacle today, is that Skrillex goes by Sonny Moore, and is in two supergroups known as dogblood and JackU. Sorry, listeners and adoring fans: you have been trolled.

For anyone curious, ZHU has been revealed to be Steven Zhu, who is currently credited for the creation of “Superfriends” as well as “Faded” according to ASCAP.