As one of the true pillars of the mighty Armada Music empire, the outstanding Malta duo that is Tenishia has long been a staple in Trance with their brilliant display of quality craftsmanship and decadent, euphoric melodies. These two have been a long time favorite of Armin van Buuren and have had countless releases underneath the Armada family of labels including singles such as Memory Of A Dream, Reasons To Forgive and Burning From The Inside. Some notable accomplishments that they have achieved include a secure spot at the legendary Creamfields arena and their past music which is featured on legendary compilations including Cream Ibiza and Ministry Of Sound. After the brief hiatus from the Trance world, (and after the success of their single of Never Let You Down with the wondrous vocals of Susana in tow), Tenishia has now teamed up with upcoming Canadian wonder Somna on their newest collaboration with the surreal vocals of Michele C entitled Show Me A New World. Somna has been under the close, watchful eyes of Andy Moor and his AVA Recordings label as of late, with remixes to Andy Moor & Betsie Larkin‘s Not Afraid and his brand new single entitled The Discovery, which was just recently featured on Giuseppe Ottaviani‘s GO On Air Recordings 01 mix compilation. Now, with one of the most established Trance duos teaming up with one of the hottest newcomers in America, it can only culminate some of the best in quality and musicality in true Trance fashion.

The opening to Show Me A New World is some of the cleanest and technical phrases that we’ve heard all year, and many upcoming producers should definitely jot down notes on how this crystal clear clarity is accomplished. Beginning with gritty, punchy basslines that capitalize with a brutal technical edge, it spirals down into a perfect representation of the golden age of Armada with plenty of minor vocal cuts and Electro stabs. The Trance edge is definitely reminiscent of Tenishia‘s stellar style, but the decidedly Electro tinges are surely a characteristic of Somna‘s productionary style. When the vocals come striding in, the rumbling basslines offers the perfect punch of brute force to add a razor sharp edge to her otherwise flowing vocals and Michele C is allowed extra room in order to profess their heartfelt message. The breakdown truly shows us the extensive handiwork that both of these great artists have put forth in their collaboration, as their rich, electrifying pad work coalesce in tandem with the incredible vocals while the beginnings of a melody are laid down bare within the track’s foundation. The arrangement here is particularly great in the sense that each of the parts are precisely layered so that a more natural and organic flow of mind can be achieved through an exhilarating climax, and its gradual shift from computerized music to humanistic work can be instinctively felt like tracing fingers through water. Finally, the resulting drop unleashes a wondrous melody that focuses on the classic Armada sound while injecting more emotional power than many of the label’s previous releases and to top it off, both of their determinable styles can be equally heard in tow, which is definitely a bit of a rarity in today’s over-saturated collaborative market.

Tenishia & Somna‘s collaboration of Show Me A New World is out now on ASOT via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


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