It’s Winter, but that doesn’t mean that someone can’t drop a festival anthem of the house variety. Ultra Music thought the same thing when they decided to dish out the premiere of “Underbelly” from Kid Arkade to us today. To be totally honest, I could see why someone would say this is kind of “cheesy” or whatever, but to you I’d flip the third finger, no matter the side of a hand you start with. I mean, the introduction is groovy perfection. It’s followed by a poppy piano driven build that climaxes with a vocal drop. Then you’re transported into one of those insanely catchy, memorable melodies that you can’t seem to shake for a good long while. This record is great all around, all the way down to minute things like the piano run in the beginning. Kid Arkade carefully crafted a marvelous minimal hit that is likely to end up in your music library. After you listen, pop on over to the digital outlet and make your supportive purchase.

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