Welcome to our fourth edition of our rugged Tech Selections series! Today, we have the best of the best from the dusty corners of my personal library to show to you, the readers, in order to provide the perfect soundtrack to warm up your Saturday night. Read on further to check out the best in Tech House and Techno!



1. Jose De Divina & Tania Vulcano & Audiohell- Acid Weeks (Original Mix) [8Bit]

This track splashes just a twist of Progressive into an otherwise chunky Tech House number, and while it is simplistic in nature, the infectious groove and rhythm laden vibes are sure to put your body on a dancing spree. The extra high hats are simply sublime and the caricature of the different percussion sections provide great contrast between the opposing parts. Definitely a track that’s perfect for any warm up set.






2. Manuel De La Mare- Reflexions (Original Mix) [303 Lovers]

Manuel De La Mare is often regarded as one of the premier Tech House artists within the international scene and has a staggering discography in order to back this bold claim up. However, over the past several years, his sound has gotten decidedly deeper and more mature, opting to leave the main room sound in favor or a more responsive and more engaging sound. Here, Reflexions mixes Deep House vibes with delicious Progressive inflections for a fantastic array of sounds and colors to further tantalize the senses into a certain state of mind where the consciousness is tranced into everlasting intrigue.




3. Copy Paste Soul ft. Jody Barr- Monday (Audiojack Remix) [Gruuv]

Amidst the clipped percussions sections and the quirky, yet restless basslines, we begin to see the hidden beauty for what this piece has to offer. Subtle pads, intriguing sound effects and a sublime arrangement all contribute to the magic behind this track and its subjective will to imprint itself upon the mind. Audiojack truly shines in his remix to Monday in the spellbinding breakdown which is packed with emotion and passion before slamming us again into the funky grooves of Copy Paste Soul.






4. Alexander Kowalski- Crossing The Borderline (Ray Kaijoka Remix) [Damage Music Berlin]

There’s just something so enticing about this track, but I cannot exactly put my finger on what that ‘something’ might be. It might be the mysterious aura that surrounds the track, or its bare bones mentality that allows the extra sounds to resonate with an atmosphere that is just unreal, or maybe it’s the smoky, almost surreal vibe that the hypnotizing bassline and inquisitive synths have to offer. Whatever the case may be, this is a great track for those real late night sessions in a dimly lit shack where the DJ is shuffled away in the corner, just playing tune after tune into the gaping maw of darkness.






5. Paul Martinez & Fiddler- Take Off (Dub Mix) [3rd Avenue]

If it wasn’t the brutal, overwhelming atmosphere of Take Off that didn’t make you fall in love with this track, then it’s surely the futuristic angle that both Paul Martinez and Fiddler have taken with this piece. Smooth, determined, yet sexy in nature, the piece’s industrial-style interludes calmly entice you to dance to the murky Techno rhythms with an air of sophistication and elegance. This is definitely a piece that takes an aquired mind to appreciate, but once you do, you’ll never want to turn back.






6. M.I.D.I.- Fill Mais (Skober Remix) [DSR]

I’,m a huge fan of the Techno legend that is Skober, and he has been on FIRE in the last few months with remixes to Anti Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N.’s Mondo, LowKey & Cardinal’s Switch Girl and Hystericmaniak’s Dawl. His usual style is dubby, yet powerful, and his chunky, yet relentless rhythms have become a household name in many Techno sets. However, for this remix, he has turned his sonic direction towards a smoother and groovier venture than his usual M.O., and the rolling basslines and blocky percussion sections further entice listeners to move their feet to the mesmerizing vibes of Techno.






Thank you for joining me on this week’s Tech Selections! As you could already tell, I was a bit more exploratory into the deeper end of the underground than usual, but tune in next week where we crank up the energy to a ten with ferocious, full on Tech House and Techno!


Keep the music alive. -Q


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