The official music video for Party Favor’s single “Bap U” follows the adventures of the Bap Squad and their battles against “acts of douchebaggery”. The Bap Squad consists of Party Favor, Diplo, Ookay, and Brillz, all well known and impactful trap producers. The video starts off with a comic book intro akin to superheroes like Batman or Spiderman. Dawning their matching uniforms, the Bap Squad roll out on their tricked out Tricycles into Los Angeles. Using their trusted oversized inflatable mallets the Bap Squad stop everyone from perverted workers to a girl trying to take an obnoxious selfie. The Bap Squad are also a helping hand as they fix up Seth Green’s car while a small vip of the original “Bap U” plays. Next on their hit lists is a dude who double parked his car in a handicap parking space. They also help catch a girl’s fallen ice cream and share a completely platonic milkshake while TJR screams off into his phone but not before quickly getting his bap infused justice. As the sun sets and the clubs open, nothing is quite as frustrating as the bouncer who won’t let anyone but the richest in, but have no fear the Bap Squad has you covered. Knocking over the bouncer and kick down the gates, the club quickly fills for an epic night but not before the Bap Squad take out one more person, a sleazy bar crawler hitting on random girls. This is one of the most fun and interesting music videos of the year and its behind the scenes are really worth watching to see how much effort went into it.

Be sure to grab a copy of Party Favor’s Bap U here: iTunes