Last Thursday, we had the privilege of premiering The Disco Fries’ latest tune RAMUH, with the help of Grooveshark and Emmagician! TDF hand crafted an hour mix for our listening pleasure which covered a wide variety of genres and styles throughout electronic music. During the entire affair, TDF was present in the chat to answer questions and interact with the community. This level of immersion is typically lacking from most media formats, but Grooveshark’s platform has spawned an interactive community that truly adds a new depth to the listening process.

To match the unique environment and event, The Disco Fries served up an equally unique and infectious tune, RAMUH. According to TDF, very few labels would touch it on account of its weirdness. Well one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – except in this case the labels’ opinions are garbage and RAMUH is the gem. It’s epic intro gives way to a massive Razor bass that TDF chorded out and harmonized to perfection. The patch has a definite wobble to it that gives the track a sense of driving urgency. It’s really quite unique, toeing the line between electrostep and progressive elements. Check out the track below!
Ramuh by The Disco Fries on Grooveshark

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Ramuh Grooveshark Mix by The Disco Fries on Grooveshark

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