I’m not usually one for house, but considering the many times I’ve posted about it, it’s possible I should stop saying that. Bass will always be my one and only, but once in a while, I guess I can make time for a mistress?

Anyway, here we’ve got a really dope house remix from Zeiner of [SEBELL]’“Till The Sun Burns Out”. Fredrik Zeiner is a music producer from Oslo, Norway and has done something great with this remix. I can’t explain it properly, but it’s got this magical quality to it. It’s uplifting and still totally appropriate for a late-night party. Of course [Sebell]’s own vocals shine brilliantly through the new mix, but it’s the pseudo-poppy synths and huge kicks that catch my attention. I can really see why people can feel so together listening to this type of music, but I’ll still have my dubstep mosh pits waiting for me later.

This remix is out today on Universal, you can purchase it HERE.