After sharing his unforgettable story on Aspire to Inspire and featuring him yet again on Aspire to Inspire Live, we couldn’t help but to continue sharing the powerful story of Andrew Kennedy Jones. I guess you could say we have become one of his biggest fans. This time around, Kennedy has amazed us in a new way. He has definitively shown that he is not afraid to share the intense trials of his past, but in this article we want to highlight something beautiful that he has pledged to do. On November 18th, Kennedy posted a status on his Facebook page saying that in 2015, once a month he will help to pay a bill (rent, phone, utilities) for one of his fans. It is up to the fan which bill he pays. Why? Because he gets it. From his piece on Aspire to Inspire, we learned that Kennedy grew up in several tough neighborhoods and lived the majority of his life in tough conditions. He knows what it’s like to have little money and to barely survive.

Now that he does have money, he wants to give back. Instead of using his excess money to buy the next materialistic thing, he wants to help fans who might be in a financial pinch. Now, Kennedy Jones fans, rather than using your money on bills, he wants you to use it on something that you enjoy such as going to a festival or show and share it with a friend. He will reveal more information closer to the New Year regarding the rules and selection process so stay tuned for the details!

It is random acts of kindness such as these that help to inspire others to make a difference.  We encourage all of you to stay inspired and to spend your life trying to make an impact on society.