I hope you have a merry, and dirty Christmas eve today. Even if that isn’t your holiday, you’ll be celebrating something with this brilliant bass original from DA FORCE. “Battlestation” comes from the upcoming EP of the same name that will be released through Escence Audio. With Star Wars influences, this British act constructed a grimy single that brings that dirty UK underground sound to life. This is not some brostep action, rather some straight up grimy goodness that will melt your face away. Fans of the older, more OG style of dub will find this particularly pleasing to their ears, but any basshead will bounce along to this jam. Although you can only stream “Battlestation” at the moment, it will be coming out on December 29th with the other tracks that make up the Battlestation EP, so you can purchase it then and make it your own. For now, stream and share this bass behemoth around.