If you’re from Toronto or the surrounding Greater Toronto Area and even remotely interested in dance music, you’ve heard of Guverment. A great club known around the world and one I can personally attest to the quality of. Due to some unforutnate circumstances, Guverment will be closing its doors to be replaced by residential property. It’s not all bad news however. Before Guv goes away for good, there will be 3 final events on the 23rd-25th of January.

First will be Armin Van Buuren on the 23rd, followed by Knife Party on the 24th, and to give the final send-off will be none other than Toronto-native deadmau5 on the 25th. In a lot of ways, it’s a shame to see such a monumental and historic club close down, but you can be sure these final few events will most likely be the biggest Guv or even Toronto has ever seen. Tickets haven’t gone on sale as of yet, but you had better keep an eye out as I can’t imagine it being too long before all three shows sell out.

Just the other day, deadmau5 actually addressed the large Facebook group Toronto Rave Community to share his feelings about the closing of the club. Of most interest perhaps is his desire to play a 4+ hour set, while digging up a lot of old “production gear and robotics”. And though he would like to play as long as possible, he still makes time to point out DJ Mark Oliver, who has been the resident DJ at The Guv since nearly its inception.


Tickets for the closing parties will be available soon on the Guvernment website.


H/T: edm.com