Jack Ü is one of the greatest stories of 2014. The combination of two great powerhouses, Skrillex & Diplo, Jack Ü has come to be one of the top names in dance music and as their NYE extravaganza draws close, we can’t help but reflect on the past year they’ve had together.

The release of their first single “Take You There” received a standing ovation on the internet and resulted in 7 official remixes being commissioned. Hot off the success of the remix pack, the power duo has released their latest remix of Beyonce’s ‘7/11’ and boy is it good.

The remix of “7/11” gives Beyonce the hard hitting dance beat it deserves. After listening to the Jack Ü remix, you can’t help but wonder how an official collaboration would change the world of dance music. (hint hint Beyonce)

Although the remix is only a watered down ripped version, Diplo wanted to give us a teaser before the official link goes live:

“We got somethin for ü for crimbus.”

Photo by: Rukes