Solaris Winter Music Festival is an annual festival held in Toronto, Canada. This year it features the likes of Skrillex, Kaskade, Steve Aoki, Adventure Club & many more.

Taking place over two days, the festival was marred yesterday by a near-brawl that took place in the middle of the crowd. A group of young looking attendees spend over a minute slinging insults back and forth before the physical altercation takes place in this ridiculous occurrence.

Videos such as these that portray an unfortunately violent side of the EDM scene have grown more and more common as events continue to attract a wider spectrum of attendees. However we would like to stress that this does not, by any means, represent the scene in its entirety. While troubled interactions at times escalate to violence at EDM festivals and concerts, this is an ubiquitous occurence for all genres of music; and the message we want to relay to our readers is this:

Electronic music is reknowned for accepting the outcasts in society, and promoting acceptance and love… something we, as a community, want to continue a legacy of. If you are at an event and observe high tensions in the crowd please contact the event security to prevent such altercations from taking place. We can still promote the traditions we were founded upon and not devolve into something less, if only we work together.

Video Source: Dann Popo