This is the final monthly round within the Dubstep and Drum & Bass genre in Fresh Face Friday. Following this time next week, the winner will be announced for the second ever completed Fresh Face Friday segment. I will not tell you now what genre is next to be featured but I have a pretty strong inclination as to what it will be, you’ll just have to wait. See you next week. Have a Merry Christmas week and good voting session.

Some Dude – Face Of God

Some Dude, aka Stephen Cowan, has shot to fame in the last few years. After his appearances on Nickelodeons hit show “Victorious” and the release of his debut album “Yours Truly,” Stephen has become a… Oh wait, nevermind that was Ariana Grande. Stephen leads a much simpler life than that. Born and raised in Kansas City, Stephen began producing at 17 because he realized he knew absolutely nothing about music. (Switching from third to first person now) I have always been really focused in mathematics and physics but once I started understanding music I began to see that math and music are essentially two languages attempting to express the same idea. Nature is an endless process of building up and breaking down. This cycle applies to everything, concrete or abstract. The only constant is change, so just flow wiffit!

Sean Gold – Weeds

Our most intricate submission for this week, Sean Gold delivers quite the complex track to be featured on Fresh Face Friday. With growls that remind me of Virtual Riot’s, “Weeds” is quite endearing in terms of its melody but never loses its aggressive edge throughout.

Chris Closer – Christmas Step

Fresh out of the Christmas spirit, I thought it might be nice to include a little holiday cheer into your voting process this week. Have a listen to the three tracks above including, “Christmas Step”, for your daily laugh. Following that vote below to excel one of these lads to the next round starting Monday, the Quarterly, where the winner is determined.

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