EDM has come a long way integrating itself with the mainstream culture. Now, during one of the greatest sporting events in America, The Chainsmokers will have the chance to take EDM to a completely new audience. Although The Chainsmokers wouldn’t have been my first choice to represent EDM on that scale, one cannot help but be happy that the growing community will be represented  on such a large scale.

A few days before the Superbowl the Westgate’s WaterDance Plaza will be transformed into a concert venue 5 days before the big event. The Chainsmokers have been given the duty to headline the second night of the event and compared to the rest of the lineup, they will be the one show not to miss.

The performance will be free for all who attend, and the show kicks off at 8:30 PM. Make sure to get warmed up for the performance by checking out The Chainsmokers live at TomorrowWorld:

H/T: Dancing Astronaut