Moves have been made by both the stoner friendly Trapzillas and the one and only Nappy, who many of you may recognize from his days of writing for Do Androids Dance. Now, he’s flexing as Trapzillas’ DJ arm, while also doing the many other things a Nappy does. Most recently, the Napzillas’ camp dropped a remix on Shade45 For Sway In The Morning that was stocked with unreleased bombs from Heroes X Villains, Woolymammoth, PFP, as well as an unreleased collaboration between 8er$ & YOOK!E.

If you are not ready to enter the trap, then you must flee the area immediately; however for those ready to get down and dirty, enter into a world of vicious beats and bangers that even includes a Major Lazer, RiFF RAFF, and Trapzillas concoction of “CoCo.” The Sirius XM mix is freely downloadable, so you can take this one on the road with you without having to spend that valuable mobile data on streaming it. This has just been one of the many moves that Trapzillas and Nappy have up their sleeves, so beware when the calendar flips over to 2015.

Free Download