Every year, more and more festivals pop up. The festival business seems to be growing to even greater proportions than anyone would ever have imagined. The shows are getting bigger, longer and more diverse (or less, depending on your viewpoint). More and more money is going into these displays of extreme creativity and opulence, and even more money seems to be going into the post-production nowadays, too. I’m talking about aftermovies. Just like car ads aren’t meant to get you to buy a car but rather feel good that you did, aftermovies affirm your choice to attend a festival. They range anywhere from just a few minutes to nearly mini-documentary length (looking at you, TomorrowLand).

The emphasis these days is more on the experience and less on the music, it seems. Sure, the lineup is important, but as we’ve seen from EDC’s “you are the headliner” campaign, it comes secondary. These are the aftermovies we’ve chosen that best represent the festivals they show, and the bonds that are created there.

In chronological order, not a ranking:

1. Holy Ship!!!

2. Future Music Festival

3. Ultra Music Festival

4. Serenity Gathering

5. Tomorrowland

6. HARD Summer

7. Shambhala Music Festival

8. Electric Zoo

9. TomorrowWorld

10. HARD Day of the Dead