Play Me Records has had a ton of awesome releases this year, but one that really sticks out to me is the Hieroglyphs EP from the Los Angeles producer MORiLLO. It’s different, it’s trippy; it’s downright baller. The things you will hear in a few moments will make your insides all warm and fuzzy, and also a little bit gangsta. This project is five tracks deep, but chances are you’ll be repeating those five all day long. His ventures into different sonic territories is refreshing to experience, and the talent that MORiLLO expresses in each single has me eager for the next year to come.

In closing out this year with the Hieroglyphs EP, MORiLLO established his ground in a big way. With tracks like “Hieroglyphs” and “Pop That Shit” he delivers some interesting turn up tunes; whereas with “Sub Aquatic Love” and “Shut It Down” you get some chill vibes, although those two differ completely in mood. Then you have “Kali,” the jungle jewel that just had to have label head Reid Speed goin’ wild. If I see this dude in the future he’s gonna be getting a big hug from me, because this EP is the B’s knees. Order yourself up a copy on Beatport after you have a few eargasms thanks to MORiLLO.

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