The young Tucker Kreway never disappoints. Since I heard of him from his track “Alone” and remix for Dirt Monkey, I’ve been keeping serious tabs on this kid, though I still managed to miss his debut freaking EP on Kairos Audio. Obviously I’m doing something wrong.

Whatever the case, I’m making up for it now by letting you all know how much you’re missing out on. One of Tucker’s strong points is his ability in sound design. The six-track EP bounces along a variety of bass styles and expressly demonstrates Tucker’s versatile production ability. Even though he’s not even old enough to vote, he’s got a handle on the sound of the future.

At the end of the EP is a VIP of “Moonstar,” a track of his from about 9 months ago. Remastered and reworked, you can really see the difference in still from then to now.

Released on Kairos Audio, you can pick up the EP now on Beatport.