On December 30th, Shrine Foxwoods had quite a rambunctious night, thanks to a sold out crowd. More importantly, the night was fueled by Adventure Club, as well as TBMA, who have put together a recap video with footage from the event. Aside from seeing 1300 people partying to these acts, the video is set to TBMA’s upcoming single, “Static in Stereo,” that features Drew Young. There is no release date on that yet, however, since it is being previewed in this video, you can be sure it’s on the horizon.

2015 will be a key year for TBMA. Last year they played a plethora of shows and had several dope releases, including a remix of Adventure Club, but this year they are looking to make even more moves. Look out for songs, like the upcoming single, as well as shows. If they end up playing near you, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to head on over. You’d probably end up enjoying yourself just as much as the fans in the video.

Photo from Facebook