Mexico is one of the greatest destinations on the earth not only for lavish vacations but also for its insatiable love for music. Toolroom Records has grown ever so fond of this beautiful country and has focused this entire month of January centering their music around the warmth and pleasure of Mexico, along with providing a stellar lineup to play the BPM Festival right in Playa Del Carmen!

We have a very special sneak peak of an incredibly smooth track from Toolroom’s upcoming album, ‘Mexico Poolside‘, featuring the notable Marco Tegui who’s got a knack for creating a beautiful atmosphere with his groovy and intoxicating melodies. “Masks” is the perfect track to kick off your weekend whether your buried in snow or enjoying a cocktail on the beach as Tegui loops a gentle yet polished saxophone behind percussion that sounds as if its being played right under the sea. “Masks” is just one of the many brilliant tracks coming off of ‘Mexico Poolside‘, so be sure to listen below and catch a full review of the album coming Monday!