Red Rocks has had an ongoing battle with the the local town of Morrison concerning the growing sound levels of concerts thrown at the venue. The local town has been appealing to the city of Denver to increase restrictions on the concert venue, specifically concerning EDM events. The bass and reverberating sound has local residents filing complaints against almost every EDM show that is hosted.

Earlier in 2014 Denver caved to the complaints and released new rules concerning the sound level of the events. The city of Denver even went as far as commissioning local studies of noise levels throughout the year to measure the effects on the local environment.

But, to the residents of Morrison, this wasn’t enough. 2015 is bringing fresh complaints and more pressure on the city of Denver to implement new restrictions on the venue. The director of the venue, Tad Bowman, realizes that this has been an issue for local residents:

“We’ve done a number of things to balance what you want with the fact that this is a business.”

Denver has already approved new noise limits on the sound system at Red Rocks and according to executive director Kent Rice, “The ceiling has been lowered” and artists will have to adjust to the new limits. While this move is understandable, an added provision makes the deal a bit more sour then it needs to be.

Artists who violate the new regulation will be banned from the venue by the city of Denver. This move seems to be a bit bold, but also demonstrates the city’s commitment to maintaining the new regulations.

Photo Credit: Jim Mimna

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