A new year comes with an abundance of new music. This week was the first week of grand releases from a variety big names in electronic music. With all these new tracks clotting SoundCloud and EDM blogs, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by them all and miss tunes that deserve a spot in your music library. In particular, here’s one that I highly recommend giving more than just one listen to.

The first release from Ride Recordings (that puts out music from producers and musicians like Myon & Shane 54, LTN, Mike Danis, and Steve Brian) comes from their trance honcho Kevin Wild. Alongside vocalist Kelly Sweet, Kevin paves the first month of 2015 with a track filled with emotion and energy. With his tune “Fire & Ice”, listeners are welcomed with Kelly’s poppy singing and treated to Kevin’s electro composition. Although this track plays out more like electro house, make no mistake that it is fueled with the trance essence that make Kevin Wild’s productions so unique.