It’s finally the weekend and the time has come to kick back and relax. For this weekend rewind, we go back to 2008 to enjoy one of Deadmau5‘s epic Essential Mix‘s for BBC Radio 1.

It’s bewildering to listen to the infamous mau5 being discussed as a relatively new act as we start off this mix, but even more eye opening are the records being played. True house music with an obvious Joel Zimmerman lilt, this is two hours of captivating mixing filled with an untouchable nostalgia that we don’t care to replace.

While some might hearken to this mix and call modern mau5 commercialized, I look at his seven year progression from then to now as just that, a progression of skill in production and knowledge of music. However there is a time and place for both 2008 and 2015 Deadmau5, and this beautiful compilation of records fits perfectly hand-in-hand with most anything you’ll be doing on this gorgeous Saturday.

Photo credit: Rukes