Personally I am huge into the whole subgenre of Future Ghetto or Ghetto House. Layering well-known rap lyrics over dirty, sexy basslines makes my feet immediately want to start movin’. Dr. Fresch’s latest single, a Gucci Mane “Pillz” remix, is exactly what you need if your ears are ready for something new.

How did the SoCal producer come up with the idea of this track? He has this to say:

“I’ve wanted to remix Gucci Mane since the beginning of my production career. Over the course of Fall 2014, through maturing my brand and style and constantly matching Hip-Hop acapellas with the sounds I was creating, I stumbled across this track, threw it on a bassline I had developed, and the concept just clicked.”

This isn’t his first dabble into this subgenre of signature beats, every Future Ghetto remix he has produced is absolute fire. Check out his latest “Pillz” remix below, and stick around to press play on his Timbaland and Big Boi remixes after.

[Free download available here]