If you like seductive electronic music, then you need to check out Syre. Hailing from Canada, this producer has a serious talent for sensual, RnB influenced tracks.  “Analog Dream,” his first release of 2015, shines with heavy synths over a delicate piano melody. It’s hard to believe that an 18-year old kid has been churning out tunes like this for over a year now, as his work is much more mature than what other people his age are putting out. Fans of Lido and Ryan Hemsworth will definitely love this, as well as previous tracks “Callback” and “Only You.”  With more artists like Syre on the map, it’s clear that a new group of producers is emerging from underneath commercialized EDM. Instead of face-melting bass and big drops, downtempo small room music is picking up momentum and turning heads across North America. This is the type of music you can turn on after getting home from a long night out, or even on a lazy Sunday when you refuse to get out of bed. We’re excited to see what else Syre has in store for us this year. For someone that young with so much talent, the possibilities are endless.