I’ve previously featured both David Quinn and Yoe Mase separately, but I’m very happy to share this collaboration that is on another level.

It’s a ballad, or whatever the ballad equivalent is in EDM. It’s touching to the soul and powerful to hear. You can tell that this track was made with a meticulous level of care and attention to detail. The soft plucks and muted kicks in the intro against the quiet synths paints a distinct picture amidst the emotive lyrics.

The drop is like a crashing wave, fully reaching it’s crescendo until it can no longer sustain all the weight it has been carrying. I’m getting a little more metaphorical than usual right now, but I hope that it’s coming across clear as day that is a beautifully written and produced song. This is not a track that you would typically hear dropped in a club. This is something you might hear in a live setting, toward the middle of a set, when the band/singer is sitting on stage, a single spotlight shining on them from above, belting their heart out to a dark audience. This is performance music.