From the looks of things, 2015 has a crop of DJs on the verge of big breakthroughs. Kasum and Synchronice are a part of that group, and their collaboration on “Glorious” might be their ticket to the top. Known for his dubstep remixes of popular punk rock songs, Kasum is expanding his music horizons to include progressive house too. Synchronice, on the other hand, have never been too fond of labels, as evidenced by their remixes for Kayzo, Favright, and others. Still, they are able to create a beautiful melodic house tune together.

Glorious is a bright track, the kind you want to sing with your friends as you drive with the windows down. Vocalist Ruby Prophet’s voice brings it to new heights; Key harmonies during each verse take the production to the next level. But it’s not just the production that makes “Glorious” worthy. It has the potential to rock a festival, which is so crucial for tracks coming out this early in the year. This isn’t just a tune designed to race up the Beatport charts and never be heard from again. Glorious has the ability to last, a quality missing from so many other productions these days. Similar to tyDi, it’s very refreshing and hopefully just the beginning of a series of proper songs from these Kasum and Synchronice.  If they’re not there already, “Glorious” should catapult these two acts into the conversation of acts to watch in 2015.

“Glorious” is out now as a free download on Soundcloud: