Suprising us all with a very bold move, the non profit organization known as the Big Imagination Foundation has announced that they will be building a 747 to bring out to the playa for Burning Man this year. This massive three story aircraft is half a football field long, and will undoubtedly be filled with all kinds of ridiculous and incredible things that only a big imagination (sorry) could dream of. They already have over 100 volunteers working alongside their staff members, but if you’d still like to contribute, make sure you fill out the little form at the bottom of their website. It’s always so exciting to see a group of passionate artists take on massive projects like these, we can’t wait to see the final product at Burning Man!

Official Statement:

“In 2015 we will bring to Burning Man one of the largest and most inspiring art installations the community has ever seen. This is a REAL Boeing 747 that we are modifying into a giant, moveable, interactive experience for Burning Man 2015 and many years to follow.

The 747 project invokes all the elements of a journey. It’s a destination, transportation, and an adventure. Our goal is to move participants in many ways, to take them on a trip not only from point A to point B, but also from the outer self to the inner self.”

-Big Imagination


Source: EDMsauce