While on tour it is not uncommon for musicians to have instruments lost or stolen, but the difference between an artist losing a guitar versus a laptop is night and day. If you lose a guitar you can simply buy a new one, yes it might not be the exact same but its easy enough to replace. With laptops, you don’t only lose the hardware, but also the files it contains.

For EDM artists, this can be a serious blow. With DAW programs, samples, and music all backed up to a laptop, losing everything can be truly devastating. Dada Life recently had their laptop stolen, and when no one turned it in, they feared the worst. Days later however, the Thief of the laptop created a facebook account and gloated about stealing their laptop.

If being a low life thief wasn’t enough, this scum of the earth decided to gloat about it on facebook, as if people would praise what he had done. The internet however, did not. The page was met with immediate backlash and the search has begun to find the culprit. You can check out the info below

Photo Credit: Rukes