My two favorite North Carolina producers are back with some space age level stuff. Mostly I was surprised to find out that ILOVEMAKONNEN had other songs besides ‘Tuesday’, but once I got over that initial shock I quickly became overwhelmed by the quality of this Styles&Complete remix. That’s not a new sensation for me by any means, S&C are two of the most consistently great producers out there, but this remix especially really captures everything I love about their sound. Now I can’t speak much on The Insurgents, this is my first introduction to him, but if this remix tells me anything it’s that this is one New Yorker to watch out for. After checking out the rest of his Soundcloud, this is one seriously talented guy, and you’d be kidding yourself if you didn’t think he was going to become a powerhouse in the bass scene in 2015.

Do yourself a favor and cop this free download, turn up your speakers, and go wild!

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