This newest addition to the Next Wave catalogue comes courtesy of Denmark-native Notize.

Despite being from the other side of the pond, his mastery of disco is well represented in this groovy and forward-thinking house tune. There’s a lot of noticeable influences here, but the most obvious has got to be Kavinsky. That synth, you know the one I’m talking about, has got Kavinsky written all over it. So with the clear disco tendencies and Kavinsky-esque synths, you’ve got a ’70s vs ’80s thing going on in this one track. One of the other pretty clear comparisons is probably Oliver. Known for their French house, the duo’s vibe and flow are more than emulated in this soft and watery tune, they’re enhanced and modulated.

This is like future ocean synthwave funk all rolled up into one and I’m grooving to it.

Disclaimer: The title of the track in no way influenced this review (lol)