I’ve been working on this premiere with I AM ROBOT since about October of last year. Waiting that long to premiere a track is usually not a good way to spend one’s time, but this track is just so good, I wanted to hang in there. Well, it’s finally time to show it to the public.

The remix features an original from Skypilot called “Morning Sun,” a progressive indie rock tune with wonderful vocal breaks and a beautiful guitar-driven melody. I AM ROBOT has taken everything good about the original, cast aside the amateurish mastering, and made everything good better. The house beat that replaced the soft guitar plucks works brilliantly with the subtle backing synths and the now refined vocals. Like seriously, the vocals sound so much better in the remix than the original. The timing and progression of the remix is also a wonder, leaving room to digest and process the intricate melodic effects and stems. This track doesn’t even have a discernible drop, let alone a breakdown or anything similar in fashion.

The point of this remix was to accentuate an already good track and make it wonderful and in that endeavor, I AM ROBOT succeeded brilliantly. This is a remix I would expect to hear from any of the best progressive house producers out there today – the precision of his sound choices, the progression of the vocal-driven melody and the restraint from making this any sort of banger reflect on I AM ROBOT’s capacity to delve into the heart of a track and “cook the meat” to a perfect medium-rare. This is a masterclass in melodic, progressive indie house and everyone should be taking note.

Also, be on the lookout for I AM ROBOT’s new album, dropping in February on his own imprint, Robot Records.