When you think about dubstep, SKisM is undoubtedly one of the first names to enter your head. The DJ, producer, label owner and everything in between is still at the forefront of the scene, ensuring everything that comes out of the powerhouse platform Never Say Die is of the highest quality and still managing to fit in some truly epic tour and show dates of his own. With an exciting new venture about to get underway, we were able to speak to SKisM to get the lowdown on all that is going on at the NSD camp at the moment.

Thanks for taking the time to chat to us! Firstly, big ups on Never Say Die’s recent ‘Best Label’ win at the Bass Music Awards – that must have been a proud moment. Could you run us through a couple of other big highlights from the last five years?

Yeah, it’s really cool to know that the work we put into the label is recognised and appreciated. There were some great labels in the category, so to trump them was pretty dope. Being a really artist-centric label, we love it when our artists do great things – MUST DIE!’s Owsla album and Zomboy smashing the DJ Mag ‘Top 100’ are two of 2014’s biggest highlights.

Which direction is NSD heading in? Will it continue to push other genres (such as trap and electro house) that we have seen in more recent years?

Although we’re primarily known for dubstep, we’ve always been a multi genre label and probably always will be. As long as the quality and the vibes are there, the music will get heard.

Trampa and Habstrakt are now on board with the label – what about their styles stands out for you?

Trampa has got to take the cake for the most amount of raw energy achieved with simple grooves. Habstrakt just oozes class into whichever genre he tries his hand at. His recent foray into house tempos has set the internet alight and gained him some very prestigious fans.

You’re always being hounded with questions about when your next track is coming out, but ‘Hostile’ with LAXX is featured on ‘Black Label XL’, out this month. How did you two go about making that one?

We made that in the same few sessions that spawned our ‘Raptor’ remix for Zomboy. I’m not going to lie, we were not sober in the slightest, ha. I came up with the vocal chops and intro elements in a daze and turned around after about 30 mins of clicking away to see LAXX cowering in fear in his chair, looking both disgusted and shocked. We work pretty well together as we both have different strengths, but share a thirst to create really weird music.

The ‘Black Label’ series has been a huge success so far – why do you think it appeals to so many fans?

I think it reminds people a lot of people where the modern dubstep sound came from and why they liked it. Generally the tunes are darker and have more simple but wonky grooves.

And now you’re progressing that specific sound to a new label – what are the intentions behind this one?

To put it simply, it’s so we can explore the sound as much as we like and feature more music from more artists.

Will there be specific roster of artists on this platform or is a chance to showcase a variety of new talent?

A bit of both 😉

Finally, where would you like to see Never Say Die in another five years?

Honestly, if we carry on like are, with great artists and great music, I wouldn’t change a thing.