Last week I had quite the interview with Carter Cruise, where we talked about her collaboration with Styles&Complete and Crichy Crich, among other things. Upon hearing about the track called “Dunnit,” I assumed that it was going to be a trap tune, and that is just what Buygore Records dropped on us this week.

Crichy Crichy isn’t a rapper I listen to very much, but I dig his rhymes, and if the whole crew were to play this out live, it’d go off. Styles&Complete’s instrumental is some fire, which is to be expected from these two dirty beat machines. When you think trill, you’ll think “Dunnit.” The song is topped off with a little Carter Cruise by way of her sassy vocals. All three acts come together to create a product that wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for each element that was brought by the acts. “Dunnit” is a free download, so if you like, add it to your library below.

Free Download