Back in the tenth grade I was perusing my first boyfriend’s Myspace page, checking out the other girls on his Top 8 only to find that his song of choice for his profile was Gym Class Heroes‘ “Cupid’s Chokehold.”

Take a look at my girlfriend….” Hey, that’s me!

Today Vaux & Rivera and Taylor Wise  are throwing it back to circa 2005-06 to release their latest collaborative remix of Gym Class Heroes‘ biggest hit.  Throwback Tuesday, anyone? 

What starts off with those instantly recognizable lyrics quickly transforms into a suave, chill track. The remix is completely unique, only referencing the original through the use of the words. The refined melody carries the track along, allowing listeners to sit back and take a journey to their awkward school days.

Vaux & Rivera and Taylor Wise‘s remix of “Cupid’s Chokehold” comes as quite a refreshment. The remix is neither a big festival track, nor a stereotypical stab at that Helden’s type style of house. Instead, it draws in various musical elements to create and define their own distinct sound.

Grab it for free download to show your support. Plus, who doesn’t love a throwback?