Deadmau5 has long been an advocate for the destruction of commercial EDM and in the below video, he can’t but help but express his true feelings. Hardwell recently released a new single¬†from his upcoming album which was met with mixed reactions on the internet, some of which was utter confusion.

Deadmau5 seems to share their¬†skepticism as he is left speechless and only able to utter 3 words: “What the fuck?”

Note: The video is an old clip of Deadmau5’s live stream that has been edited to perfectly setup the reaction to Hardwell’s new track, and although this is not ACTUALLY Deadmau5 reacting to the track, we imagine it is almost identical to the way he would respond. You can check out the video below

(Note: the video loads from Facebook and may take a few seconds to load)




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