It’s no secret that deadmau5 has been working on a new design for the launch of his upcoming Entropy tour that’s supposed to kick off this year. Throughout the span of 2014, deadmau5 shared a few interesting tid bits of information pertaining to the upgrade and especially relating to its cost. Back in March we reported that Joel Zimmerman was $6 Million away from developing a reported 360 arena production but it now appears that the mau5 has hit and passed that goal. Fast forward to today, where the producers of The Governors Ball are currently partaking in a reddit AMA. One of the many questions asked pertained to deadmau5 and whether he will be bringing his habitual cube for the performance or if he’ll be bringing his promised redesigned new production. Here’s a screenshot of the answer:

Deadmau5 fans who are attending The Governors Ball are sure to be excited about the news and promise of seeing the highly anticipated and discussed new show the mau5 has been building.

Source: Reddit AMA