EDM’s favorite duo, Skrillex & Diplo, have been making heavy use of Snapchat to tease their fans with new Jack U music as of late. With two recent previews already, Jack U just previewed two more.

One of which appears to further confirm a Jack U track with Skrillex vocals on it, something that we can all surely be excited for. Meanwhile another was shared on Diplo’s behalf which appears to preview an energetic dance-hall record.

The little we know about these tracks are all through Snapchat previews, but what we do know is that Sonny and his partner in crime are the ultimate teases and know how to build some serious hype over their mutual brand.

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Nothing is impossible when it comes from these two superstars, and we can’t wait for the next release and upcoming EP. In the meantime, enjoy their mix from Diplo & Friends below.

Image Source: Rukes.com