There’s nothing quite like watching an artist, duo, or band come straight out of the blue and reach the highest heights. One such duo accomplished more in one year than most aspiring producers can hope for. From releasing across multiple labels and playing at venues all over the world, the tenacious tag team known as Lush & Simon have come and conquered with their recent presence in progressive and electro house. Even their latest collaboration “Orion” with Marnik is a testament of how far they have come in dominating the electronic dance music scene.

About a year and three months ago, Lush & Simon made a tune called “City Of Lights” that they also released on Armada Trice. Later the following year, they released the vocal version of the same song adding a new flavor to an already delicious tune. They return with a tune that is a fantastic example of electro house sprinkled with a melodic backbone. Sharp plucks and vibrating flangers unleash themselves as the core of this track’s two electrified drops leaving listeners amped and ready to party. Check it out the preview below to get a hint of this song’s true nature.

Even though we have heard the first tune from Lush & Simon,  what’s the next big surprise on the list for them? I had a chance to ask that and many more questions in a brief but interesting interview with the rising superstars.

Last year was a pretty big year for you two between all the touring and the multiple releases. Is 2015 going to be as big or bigger?

2015 will be a bigger year ahah. We have some surprises and collabs coming out later this year we can’t wait to share with you!

As a duo from Milan, Italy, how big is electronic dance music in your hometown?

Italy is not the right country for our music even if there are many very talented producers. We have always been curious of every kind of music but electronic music was the best way for us to share some different kind of emotions in just one and unique song, from sadness to happiness.

While making music, how does the creative process flow between the two of you?

It depends on the project. We both take part of the creative and technical process of each song. We share our ideas together and then we decide what to do with all of them.

With your most recent track “Orion”, how did you come across Marnik for the collaboration and how was the experience?

We know Marnik for a very long time and they are very good friends.. It was just natural for all of us to collaborate on a track.

What was the production of “Orion” like? Was this song much more difficult to produce than your previous songs or did it come naturally?

‘Orion’ is very different of all of what we produced in the past but it was the deal to make something different and surprising for everyone. We simply decided to combine our both universes to create ‘Orion’ so [that it] all came very naturally.

Are there any other producers you two would like to collaborate with in the future? If so, who might they be and are there any you would like to work with again?

There are too many producers! Axwell would be a dream for us.

You have remixed and bootlegged a grand variety of artists. Have you ever thought of having any of your music remixed by others and who you would want to enlist?

Definitely yes! We would love to get our music remixed by Dirty South, Axwell, Armin van Buuren, W&W, [etc.].

When it comes to your music, what other musicians or artists would you say are your greatest influences?

We have too many influences from rock to pop as well.

When you’re not behind the decks or in the studio, what are two of your favorite things to do?

Just having good moments with our friends make us happy.

What is the greatest memory you guys have while on stage at a show or festival?

Our 2014’s greatest memory was our tour in Asia. It was such an amazing and new experience for us.

Make sure to keep out on Lush & Simon, because these two are going to make much bigger noise. Also make sure to check out their electro banger “Orion” with Marnik out on Beatport today.

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