It all started as a romantic getaway to Ibiza in the summer of 2013.

28 year old Leah Parks and 30 year old Charles Hendrie were only visitors to the famed party island of Ibiza in July of 2013, but the prolific drug culture found on Ibiza had Leah & Charles enraptured. After becoming involved with supplier Abib Asfour they quickly became dealers themselves, helping to distribute his products to various clubbers on the island under the guise of tourists…

But it didn’t end there.

mdma couple

Upon their return to the UK the two continued their illicit business with Asfour, and soon found themselves transporting and distributing a remarkable 34 kilograms of Ecstasy. Estimated at a street value of £1 million, which translates to over 1.5 million USD, they were arrested while transporting the drugs from a Holiday Inn.

Since then they have been tried and found guilty, and on Monday were sentenced to a total of 27 years in prison; 10 years for Hendrie, 10 years for Asfour, and 7 years for Leah Parks.

It’s safe to say these three won’t be partying any time soon.

Photos by: SWNS
HT: Mirror UK