Jayceeoh, the winner of VH1‘s 2013 “Master of the Mix” competition, has just released his 4-track No Clearance EP off his own label Super 7 Records. The DJ-producer, who got his start as an underground hip-hop battle DJ, is also the creator of “Super 7,” a mixtape featuring a roster of top-talent DJs from around the world. Rather than going for individual releases of sampled productions, Jayceeoh decided to go for an EP release to showcase his original work and build his name as an artist.

The hip-hop influence carries strongly throughout the EP, and the trap-heavy beats are especially prevalent in his new tracks “98 Lakers” and “I’m the King.” In spirit of the “no clearance” theme, the entire EP is available for free download. Check out the entire No Clearance EP for yourself, as well as his Super 7 mixes, both below.