David Franks, better known by the alias Frankee, was introduced to drum & bass at the age of 13 and from there just hit the ground running. Frankee’s debut release was in 2010, and he was quickly pegged as a producer who was taking the genre to new levels. In 2012, Frankee’s Firethorn/Pandorum became one of the first records released under RAM Records sister company PROGRAM. After a subsequent release on RAM Records, he was named the Best Newcomer Producer at the Drum & Bass Arena Awards in 2014.

Frankee’s most recent release, titled All Four One EP, clearly demonstrates why he deserves every ounce of recognition. Each track is fresh and unique, and certainly showcases Frankee’s versatility and immense talent. Kicking it off is “Deep Down”, which features smooth vocals from Caan, a beautiful piano melody, and liquid percussion (my personal kryptonite). As emotional and soulful as this track is, the second track jumps totally in the opposite direction. “Flim Flam” is pure energy, and takes you on a journey across the vast dimensions of the genre with heavy bass and reverb. Third is the long-awaited “Drop It Low”, with an intricate bassline and a buildup in the middle containing a cute little tune which added just the right amount of feeling, in my opinion. Last up is “Snarl”, which is fast-paced, dark, and progressive, leaving me with a strong thirst for more.

New releases like this from RAM set the bar for the evolution of drum & bass in 2015. Grab the EP now on Beatport or straight from RAM, and listen below.